UNICEF: Namibia’s worst drought in 30 years


The worst drought in 3 decades is currently affecting Namibia.
One third of its population is moderately or severely food insecure.

460 000 people are in urgent need of food aid and paediatric malnutrition has increased by 76 percent in some regions.
The Ovahimba people don’t have any milk or meat left. Their harvests have failed and some of their cattle have died. Men travel up to 140km to find grazing for the few cattle they have left.
Mbete Tjiposa supports several families with her monthly pension of US $50. 50 Kilograms of maize cost US $30.

The Zemba people have also been affected. Some families live on one portion of watery maize porridge a day. Kariamakuju Kauta has not received any food aid from the government yet and she has only one week of maize supplies left for her family. She is worried about her children because they go to bed without eating anything and they are fainting of hunger.

With the situation rapidly reaching dire conditions, will communities make it to the end of the dry season — which is expected to last until December?

With the number of people in need rising, funding is proving insufficient. UNICEF needs $ 7.4 million to reach an estimated 109 000 children at risk of malnutrition.

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The Guardian: Mamelodi for a month: a middle class white family’s experience of life in a South African township

Julian and Ena Hewitt spent August living with their two young daughters in a 3 x 3 metre shack in Mamelodi, a township outside Pretoria, South Africa. Though they wanted to challenge themselves to survive on the average black household income of R3000 per month (£190), their story drew the attention of the international media with a mixture of support and criticism. The Hewitts explain their decision, and what they have learned from their stay.

Mamelodi, South Africa.
23rd August 2013

Video by Jordi Matas
Production by David Smith and Richard Sprenger

The Guardian: S’Manga Khumalo, the black jockey shaking up South African horse racing

Last month S’manga Khumalo became the first black jockey to win the Durban July, South Africa’s top horse race, on his steed Heavy Metal. He talks to David Smith about his path to success from humble beginnings in the KwaMashu township, and being a role model in a changing sport.

South Johannesburg, South Africa.
9th August 2013

Video by Jordi Matas
Production by David Smith and Richard Sprenger

TeleSur TV: Sudáfrica celebra 95 años de Nelson Mandela

Los sudafricanos se volcaron para celebrar el día del querido líder contra el apartheid, Nelson Mandela. Las felicitaciones se escucharon desde las escuelas y frente al hospital de Pretoria, donde Madiba lleva más de 40 días hospitalizado. Desde 2009, los sudafricanos dedican 67 minutos de servicio como tributo a los 67 años en los que Mandela luchó por los Derechos Humanos.

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TeleSur TV: Los sudafricanos más pobres y Nelson Mandela

Aseguran sudafricanos desfavorecidos que si el expresidente Nelson Mandela aún gobernara, su situación sería diferente. En Sudafrica aún quedan tareas sociales pendientes, sin embargo existe en los barrios pobres del país un sentimiento de reconocimiento por los frutos —en el tema de igualdad— que dejó Madiba durante su gobierno.

Kliptown, Sudáfrica.
10 Julio 2013

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TeleSur TV: Nelson Mandela cumple un mes en el hospital

Nelson Mandela permanece en el Medical Heart Hospital de Pretoria donde se encuentra en condición crítica pero estable. El expresidente sudafricano de 94 años fue internado el 8 de junio por una infección pulmonar persistente causada por el largo tiempo que permaneció en prisión.

Producido por Xavier Aldekoa
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